Friday, 10 August 2007

My talented friends.

I was watching a TV show called “Britain’s got talent”. I didn’t much like the show – they should have selected the best and put them on TV. I didn’t like the way they embarrassed some people – who obviously didn’t have talent. This guy came on and he said he was going to sing opera. He didn’t look like an opera singer, just a normal guy you might see in the street. I found his performance on Youtube. He definitely has talent. He sang Nessum Dorma. He was of course Welsh. I often wonder why the Welsh people are such excellent singers. If it nature or nurture? Anyway, watch the video and see what you think.

I’ve made a lot of friends since I’ve been on the internet and they all have talent. I have a page on Myspace: My usual user name is Mike10613. I had to change it to Mikey10613 because of a problem on Myspace. Some people have thousands of friends on Myspace. I don’t but they are talented. They are amazingly talented singers and musicians, a designer, a French teacher, a goldsmith, a budding actress, an adsense consultant and a writer.

I’ve also made friends in chat rooms and people find my website and email me, so I make friends that way too. I am a member of other social networking sites but I don’t get too involved. Many people email me asking about my website and wanting to do one of their own. So I gain new friends like that. You can go to and see a website that is being developed. The link to the forum is interesting. It’s like the chat that goes on in an English pub, football (soccer), jokes and stuff.

One talented person who contacted me and wants to get a personal website online is Huw – he is a film (movie) maker. He made a film about his country of Wales. I’ve seen excerpts and you can buy the complete DVD. I understand there are limited quantities though. It is available in PAL for the UK and the American standard I can’t remember what that is called – but those DVD’s will play on US DVD players. This is a excerpt from the video:

You can see more by going to and buy the DVD there.

I just remembered one of my friends is a genius with computers and taught me a lot about IP’s and stuff like networking. I just had a message from him on MSN instant messenger. That is another good way of keeping in touch with friends.

I think everyone has a talent for something. It is a shame that we can’t always use our talents to make a living. One of my friends is a Native American Indian and she does self portraits. She refers to herself as a designer, but she is a brilliant photographer and even makes the oak frames for her pictures. You can see examples at Look at the “friends page on my website too – I have a couple of her pictures on there. Her Native American Indian name given to her by her mother is “Warrior Woman” and she looks quite scary in some of the pictures. I think her pictures would be a good investment for someone who is interested in that type of art.

So what’s your talent?